Post 004: Postscript

what does it mean to skip to the end?

I. Pre-

This is the last Post of the year. I won’t attempt any summarizing adjectives for the last twelve months, since you and I and we have already felt so many.

I write this during a time-vortex I am particularly fond of, even during this year of spiral. The days between Christmas and New Years seem to float, to shrug, to spin around as capitalism mostly doesn’t know what do them. It’s the all-that’s-left-to-buy-is-calendars and how-much-is-on-this-gift-card and, for some, time-off. Today, a friend described it as “no-man’s-land.” Like in the last Post, I remain curious about these ruptures in the normative and what what possibility they contain.

II. Postscript

Addendum, afterward, addition

written after, useful after stubborn ink

but now, mostly pixel sans or serif

something forgotten, something suddenly remembered

one last exclamation, or wink

from the doorframe, one foot out

See also: programming language, page description

electronic publishing, dynamically typed, concatenative

Turing-complete, stack-based, interpreted

Including a PS has long been a direct mail marketing strategy, I read

once, apparently, as many as 79% of people skipped to it in emails

although times have changed, the article points out, marketers still swear by it

what does it mean to skip to the end?

to find out who kissed who or, who survived who

what’s revealed after our names are written?

It’s the year-end we’ve all been trying to skip to for months

we’re here, but trying to fast fast forward faster to another spring, or summer

when we imagine another beginning

I think about the ways endings are false comforts,

are some kind of illusion, but also see the hope;

see the openings that doors can make

III. Re-Post

  • Join me and the most iconic lineup for the Poetry Project’s New Year’s Day Marathon and Fundraiser, starting at 11 PM EST on the 31st. It’s been a dream to read as part of the marathon and I’m so thankful for all of the work Poetry Project does all year round to cultivate community.

  • I’m happy to share that my exhibition support structures has been extended through February, with another program to be announced.

  • Next month, I’ll also be bringing back my postcard fundraiser 30 Days Hath for a second volume of “All the Rest” since January hath 31. (Admittedly, I spent sometime swearing it had 30, but that’s just the kind of year it’s been.)

Again, again, I’m grateful, grateful. Thank you, each, for your support of so much that has been life-giving this entire year, including Otherwise Obscured, programs at the Brooklyn Museum, already felt: poems in revolt and bounty, 30 Days Hath, A Language for Intimacy, The People’s Saturday School, the Connecticut UndocuFund, support structures, and all of the reminders care and community among it all.